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Richards family came to us with a 3-bedroom 2 bath townhouse in the Encantada Resort. They were doing $8,000 a year gross with previous management company at 40% occupancy. To doing over $23,500 the following 8 months after joining our management rental program in May of 2019 at 91.9% occupancy.
Richards Family
Encantada Resort Owners
New vacation homeowner of a 4-bedroom house in the Windsor Hills Resort came to us for management and rental of their new investment. Their home did $53,920.18 in gross rental sales in 2019 at 93.42% occupancy.
Homeowner #1
Windsor Hills Resort Home Owner
3-Bedroom Windsor Hills resort townhouses also proved efficient investments four our owners in 2019. Our management and rental program saw an average occupancy level of 86.02% to 94.52% with gross 2019 sales ranging from $34,000 to over $41,200.
Homeowner #2
Windsor Hills Resort Townhome Owner

What You Get

The MOST VALUABLE thing as an owner that you will want to see – ACTUAL REVENUE NUMBERS for the past 52 weeks trailing. With this, all your questions are basically answered. You can see Income for the full year for one of our units. Most Vacation Rental Managers would NEVER show you this, because they don’t actually OWN Vacation Homes.

We take care of your property from A to Z. Starting with our proven marketing, advertising, and listing management system. To handling all guest services, cleanings, inspections, and inventory after each guest checks out.

With over a 14 years in Vacation Rental Experience, VacationCentralFlorida LLC offers Full Service Property Management in Central Florida for less, which gives you more profit from your vacation home. We require only two fees to be in our successful vacation rental management group.